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Fish eye viewSword of PleiadesGarioch rayed bandBenachie raysNeon lightsBalnakeil rayed bandBalnakeil beach reflectionsLoch Nam Brack raysTwilight pinkBen Lomond raysAndromeda Between the clouds Lomond reflectionsChapel RaysIn the moonlightDunnideer raysDancing in the moonlightArcs over BenachieMither Tap raysMothers day auroraRays to the zenithArc over the dunesIonbowSt Mary's church AuroraBoatshed rayed arc.Garioch raysBenachie raysBlyth Bridge raysAurora twist.Rays through the ploughRays to PolarisUry mist auroraTwilight raysPurple raysRays through the ploughNairn beach auroraSpey Bay auroraSpey aurora reflectionsLossie raysNairn reflectionsNairn auroraDrummore raysSolstice auroraCassiopeia Hopeman raysThrough the cloudsPurple raysBalnakeil raysBalnakeil reflecionsBalnakeil reflections panoramaRua Reidh raysGarioch AuroraDon auroraCraigshannoch auroraAurora and the moonAurora and airglowLochindorb rayPortskerra auroraTwilight reflectionsWoodend Barn raysSimetryThe eyeraw  (10) red.jpgDrummore reflectionsDrummore auroraMilky raysSwords in the nightAurora and noctilucent cloudHarvest moon raysDreamingHarvest moon auroraIMG_1151-2 redIMG_2189 red