Hi, my name is Graeme Whipps, and I am a keen photographer, concentrating mainly on the night sky, clouds and sunsets. I have always been very interested in the weather, and was lucky enough to get a job in the Met Office as a weather observer. My first posting was RAF Machrihanish, near Campbeltown, Argyll back in 1986, and it was here that I developed an interest in the night sky, and more especially the Aurora or “Northern lights”, with very dark sky’s of Kintyre proving an ideal location with very little in the way of light pollution. I saw many Aurora displays during the late 80’s early 90’s, with no less that 4 overhead Auroras in 1989, including the massive geomagnetic storm on the 13th March 1989, which I viewed and photographed from just Pathhead, south of Edinburgh. My first SLR camera was an Olympus O M20, using mainly slide film for better colour reproduction, and I have many old Aurora images, although unfortunately some of the slides have degraded over the years. I became a weather forecaster in 1992, working in Newcastle for a short spell, before spending nearly 10 years at West Freugh, near Stranraer, in southwest Scotland. I spent just over a year in Shetland in 2003/2004, where I saw many aurora’s, including the massing displays on the 29th October, and 20th November, where I got the chance to use my first digital camera, a Canon Powershot A40, one of the first compact camera’s capable of shooting the long night-time exposures. After spending a couple of years in Exeter, I moved to Aberdeen late in 2006, and now live in Chapel Of Garioch, a small village near Inverurie, and not far from the Benachie hills. This have proved a good location for viewing the night sky, and I have seen and photographed many Auroras over the last few years. During the summer I tend to concentrate on noctilucent clouds, which occur around 10 times higher up than the wispy cirrus clouds, and are thus remain illuminated in the summer twilight,¬† with some beautiful intricate structures.


I have many other images which can be viewed on my Flickr page  , copies are available on request.